How To Get the Most Out of Your Project Management Software

The growing adoption of cloud-based applications and services has proven a key factor in increasing business resilience, yet for many organisations “Shadow IT” has emerged as a potential area for concern – with project management one such area where this can be a challenge.

The author of this page: Malek Al-Shayeb
Malek Al-Shayeb, Principal PPM Consultant Dec 02, 2021

What is Shadow IT? It’s the use of systems, devices and software without explicit IT department approval. Essentially, it means that staff are “going wild” in what they are using to get their jobs done.

The rise of the “occasional Project Manager” has driven an increase in this phenomenon within Project Management. Less comfortable with classic Project Management software, these individuals default to legacy solutions such as Excel and Outlook or seek online alternatives to help them track and manage projects.

The danger then is that projects are not tracked effectively. Limited visibility or a fragmented project view hinders effective communication between key stakeholders. Approvals and budgets can be missed and ultimately the risk of project error, budget overrun and failure to meet the expected project ROI increases

Microsoft Project helps you get the most out of project management ensuring staff who can use the Office 365 suite will not be left behind, intimidated or frustrated by it, regardless of their project management experience.

Project for the Web and Project Online have a user-friendly interface that is instantly recognisable to users of Outlook, Excel and Teams while simultaneously offering the power and system capabilities required by more seasoned project professionals via a singular licensing model that includes Microsoft Project Professional.

Three licenses for one, which means that the organisation and team members can decide how they want to use them with no need to limit themselves. Meaning your business has access to the tools needed to drive project success, regardless of user experience.

Microsoft Project software ensures that projects can be tracked through dashboards and Power BI data analytics provides a wow factor with centralised and intuitive views for stakeholders.

Microsoft hasn’t reinvented the wheel with Project, it fits in with the familiar SharePoint platform as well as Power BI. With easy-to-use user interfaces, Projects can be managed effectively by anyone in an organisation, ensuring maximum value for money, efficiency and effectiveness.

To find out more about how Microsoft Project can help you bridge the divide between the professional and occasional Project Manager check out our on-demand webinar "Project Management without Limits".

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